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Using SSH with GitHub and Dreamhost

In setting up my new Jekyll blog, I needed to do some research on setting up passwordless login to GitHub and Dreamhost on OS X. There are two main articles I used for doing this (see below), however I thought I would consolidate the steps to make setting this up easier. Keep in mind - these steps are strictly for Mac OS X. The articles linked at the end include instructions for other platforms.

New blog location

I recently decided to move my blog to a new domain. I’ve decided to use my rymo.io domain in place of my ryancmorrissey.com domain. Both domains will remain active, however I’m transitioning my older domain to serve as a professional landing page and resume. I’ll be working on redirecting all my old posts to this domain, which shouldn’t take too long (although I really hate dealing with .htaccess files). Meanwhile, enjoy the new site and layout!

Django dependent ChoiceField options

On a recent project, I was looking to control the options available in a Django ChoiceField based on another form parameter (passed along with the response object).

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