Inaugural blog post

Happy 2014! I’ve decided to add a blog to my personal website to help me document some of my development configurations and helpful code snippets. This is just one part of an entire website overhaul I did using Jekyll and Twitter Bootstrap.

Although this blog will be accessible to anyone on the interwebs, I’m doing this more as a method of helping to remember and more easily access things that happen during my creative thinking process (which usually occurs in the early hours of the morning while fixing something in my code I’ve broken).

A few things I will mention in case someone comes across this blog while searching for content:

  1. I am NOT a trained programmer or computer scientist. As my profile page suggests, I am a programming hobbyest. I like to write code because I think hacking is fun. But most of the time it is just hacking - so please take my examples and suggestions with a grain of salt.
  2. I appreciate constructive comments to my posts that will help me hone my hacking skills. If I’ve done something glaringly wrong (possible) or you have a better suggestion, please post a comment - I love learning. Just please don’t troll.

If you’ve decided to read this far, please enjoy the rest of my posts. I’ll try and make them wonderful.

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