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Using SSH with GitHub and Dreamhost

In setting up my new Jekyll blog, I needed to do some research on setting up passwordless login to GitHub and Dreamhost on OS X. There are two main articles I used for doing this (see below), however I thought I would consolidate the steps to make setting this up easier. Keep in mind - these steps are strictly for Mac OS X. The articles linked at the end include instructions for other platforms.

New blog location

I recently decided to move my blog to a new domain. I’ve decided to use my domain in place of my domain. Both domains will remain active, however I’m transitioning my older domain to serve as a professional landing page and resume. I’ll be working on redirecting all my old posts to this domain, which shouldn’t take too long (although I really hate dealing with .htaccess files). Meanwhile, enjoy the new site and layout!

Django dependent ChoiceField options

On a recent project, I was looking to control the options available in a Django ChoiceField based on another form parameter (passed along with the response object).

Generating sitemaps with Jekyll

It’s always a good idea to include a sitemap.xml file for your site to help sites like Google track you and appropriately suggest page results in searches. There are a couple of Jekyll plugins that generate this file for you automatically (here and here), but I didn’t like the ouput I was getting.

Django secret key field

I recently developed an online form for my company which would accept a CSV file and account credentials for importing that data via our XML API. The purpose of the form was to allow Mac users a method of importing CSV data into our demo database (as our CSV import tool is currently Windows only).

Chrome Note Tab browser extension

I created a Chrome browser extension called chrome-newtab. It allows you to quickly take simple text based notes and display them as note cards in your browser. It overrides the standard new tab page so that all of your notes are always readable when you start your browser or open a new tab. I also added some goodies like keyboard shortcuts and a popup quick-entry screen (for entering notes away from the new tab page).

My first open source contribution

In this post, I’d like to shamelessly plug my first open source community project sublime-jekyll - a Sublime Text package for easier Jekyll site creation. I created this out of a personal need for better syntax highlighting of YAML front-matter in markdown and HTML files, as well as template tag completions (since I always forget to close my opening template tags).

Auto-create Jekyll category and tag pages

One of the things that Jekyll makes super simple is the use of categories and tags. However, being able to filter by and generate pages for specific categories and tags is a little more challenging. Coming from more of a Python background, I wasn’t thrilled to learn that in order to do this I would have to write a custom generator plugin in Ruby (a language I don’t know very well at all). This post outlines how I created my plugin in case someone else finds this helpful in the future.

Installing fish to replace bash

Fish is a bash shell replacement. I consider it a “better” version of the OS X bash shell. It supports a robust history with auto-completions, it pulls completion suggestions from installed man pages, and it looks prettier with user-configurable settings. You can also extend fish with custom functions (great for those commands you never remember, but use every so often).

Mac OS X configuration guide

This guide is useful for setting up a new Mac development environment. The configuration guide is mainly meant to be used for a Mac that will serve as a local development machine for Python/Django, but you can obviously use some of these tips as general configuration options as well if Python isn’t your development language of choice.

Inaugural blog post

Happy 2014! I’ve decided to add a blog to my personal website to help me document some of my development configurations and helpful code snippets. This is just one part of an entire website overhaul I did using Jekyll and Twitter Bootstrap.

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