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Using SSH with GitHub and Dreamhost

In setting up my new Jekyll blog, I needed to do some research on setting up passwordless login to GitHub and Dreamhost on OS X. There are two main articles I used for doing this (see below), however I thought I would consolidate the steps to make setting this up easier. Keep in mind - these steps are strictly for Mac OS X. The articles linked at the end include instructions for other platforms.

Installing fish to replace bash

Fish is a bash shell replacement. I consider it a “better” version of the OS X bash shell. It supports a robust history with auto-completions, it pulls completion suggestions from installed man pages, and it looks prettier with user-configurable settings. You can also extend fish with custom functions (great for those commands you never remember, but use every so often).

Mac OS X configuration guide

This guide is useful for setting up a new Mac development environment. The configuration guide is mainly meant to be used for a Mac that will serve as a local development machine for Python/Django, but you can obviously use some of these tips as general configuration options as well if Python isn’t your development language of choice.

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